Rich Harris

Creator of Svelte + other great open source projects

Svelte Summit 8th-9th September, 2022

We don't know the full event schedule, but the Svelte Summit Fall Edition Conference will occur in Stockholm, Sweden on 8th-9th September, 2022.

We will add more details once they are known.

Svelte Society NYC - Rich on The Road to SvelteKit 1.0

Rich talks us through some new features in SvelteKit and what's coming next.

Rich Harris - State of the Sveltunion (5 Years of Svelte)

Rich Harris opens Svelte Summit with a short discussion and highlights some key moments and happenings throughout the years.

Rich Harris - Svelte Cubed

In this talk Rich provides the other side of SvelteKit.

Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web? | Transitional Apps

Learn more about transitional apps, and how to get the best of both worlds in Rich’s talk.

Jamstack Conf is hosted by Netlify, a platform to build, run and scale modern web apps.

Rich on Futuristic Web Development

Svelte Society provide this video which was recorded at Svelte Summit 2020. Rich covers what a reimagined, truly modern workflow look like.

Svelte Society NYC - Rich on Structured Code Generation

Svelte Society that provide this video state: "Video is good until 21:30 where the recording somehow skips horribly. We cant figure out how to fix, sorry. In future we will ask speakers to record their screens."

The Return of 'Write Less, Do More' by Rich Harris | JSCAMP 2019

Rich on rethinking reactivity with YGLF You Gotta Love Frontend

Modern JavaScript frameworks are all about reactivity. Change your application's state, and the view updates automatically. But there's a catch — tracking state changes at runtime adds overhead that eats into your bundle size and performance budgets. In this talk, we'll discover an alternative approach: moving reactivity into the language itself. Your apps have never been smaller or faster than they're about to become. The slides are here.

Rich Harris at JSConf EU 2018 - Computer, build me an app

A video by and from JSConf. Frameworks exist because writing maintainable apps in vanilla JavaScript is hard. But frameworks aren’t free: downloading and parsing those extra bytes slows things up, just when your users are deciding whether to stick around.

Instead of choosing between bulky frameworks and maintainability nightmares, what if we could tell the computer ‘here are the blueprints, now you write the code’? In this talk we’ll discover a new breed of tools, such as Svelte, that let you do exactly that.

Gobble: The Last Build Tool You'll Ever Need - Rich Harris

See the full post here:

Rich Harris (front end developer at The Guardian and creator of RactiveJS) takes us on a journey of why and how he created the build tool Gobble, how to extend it, and how to use it in your projects.

Since Grunt.js lit the path to a smarter way of working, there's been an explosion of node.js-based build tools - Gulp, Plumber, Assetgraph and Broccoli, to name a few. Each brings something unique to the table. Given all these choices, why do we need yet another?

Gobble is optimised for developer sanity - it prioritises debuggability, ease of use, and a standards-based approach to creating plugins. This talk explores why these things are so important, and how Gobble works under the hood to deliver blazing fast builds.