Rich Harris

Creator of Svelte + other great open source projects

Rich talks with Joab Jackson of The New Stack

TNS Editor Joab Jackson hosted this conversation on The New Stack Makers podcast.

Joab and Rich delve into history, and also discuss the current landscape of Web frameworks, the Web's Document Object Model, the way React.js updates variables, the value of TypeScript, and the importance SvelteKit. They also chat about why Vercel, where Harris now works maintaining Svelte, wants to make a home for Svelte.

Web development should be more fun

Rich weighs in on MPAs vs. SPAs, apps vs. docs, the need for a transitional app framework, and the right way to build websites, with Matthew Tyson at InfoWorld.

Svelte with Rich Harris

PodRocket interview Rich Harris about Svelte's position in the landscape of frameworks, how other popular frameworks are becoming more Svelte-like, how Svelte handles state, how SvelteKit works, and more!

Rich discusses Svelte adoption with Andrew and Justin

Episode 15 from

00:00:00 Introduction, 00:01:03 Working at the Times, 00:11:40 Svelte, 00:18:16 Building the Future of Web, 00:32:08 Tooltips.

Rich speaks with Alex & Brittney of

Rich discusses Building the Future of Svelte at Vercel and what is next for Svelte. Please also see the episode page here.

Hydration and the future of SvelteKit - Svelte Radio

BuilderTalks #10 with Rich Harris 2203


Rich talks with Gonzalo Pozzo about Svelte, Rollup and more 2202

Rich describes some reasons for Svelte over React 2201

A clip from the JS Party podcast with Rich speaking to Amal Hussein, and Amelia Wattenberger.

Rich speaks with Lee Robinson at Vercel on The Future of Svelte 2112

Lee Robinson, Director of Developer Relations at Vercel interviews Rich for 45-minutes. Rich talks about Svelte plans for the future. Other topics include funding open-source, SvelteKit 1.0, the Edge-first future, and more.

Learn Svelte, Learn SvelteKit, Deploy SvelteKit to Vercel

Rich talks with 2110 talk with Rich Harris, creator of Rollup, Svelte, degit and more. Rich works at the New York Time developing engaging data visualizations and building the tools of tomorrow. More info here.

00:00:00 Introduction, 00:01:03 Working at the Times, 00:11:40 Svelte, 00:18:16 Building the Future of Web, 00:32:08 Tooltips

Rich speaks with Jason Lengstorf on Learn with Jason

Harry Wolff and Rich chat about Svelte

Rich talks to Harry about why he made Svelte, what he's learned from making Svelte, and what he sees as the next big thing he wants to add to Svelte!

The Undefined Podcast #8: Rich Harris

At this time, Rich was working as a Graphics Editor at The New York Times and creator of Svelte and Rollup. He joined hosts Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler on The Undefined to talk about his gig, the tools he used to write interactive articles, and about what's new in Svelte v3.0.

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