Rich Harris

Creator of Svelte + other great open source projects

About Rich Harris

Rich is the creator of Svelte, and other open source projects. Svelte is a leading and new, high performance programming language. Svelte is used to create next generation mobile apps, websites and other digital components. This mobile application/website you're looking at is created using Svelte.

Rich also created Rollup, the JavaScript module bundler. Rollup compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. At the time of writing this, Rollup has around 22K stars on Github, and lots of great reviews at openbase. Financial contributions to Svelte and Rollup can be made through Open Collective.

Rich is based in The Big Apple (New York City, USA), and is developing Svelte full-time at Vercel, the cloud platform service.

Rich works with the Svelte core team members that are dispersed around the world. Svelte team activity can be followed through the Svelte Society website, the Svelte Discord channel, and there are additional links further below.

Previously Rich worked as a graphics editor on the investigative team at the New York Times. He was focused primarily on technology coverage. Before the New York Times Rich worked at the Emmy Award winning interactive team at The Guardian US.

Rich studied at University College, London, England and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy in 2006.

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Rich's Repositories at GitHub

Rich has hundreds of development repositories at GitHub. We've created a list of the top 10 or so, by their number of stars:

  • ramjet - Morph DOM elements from one state to another with smooth animations and transitions.
  • degit - Straightforward project scaffolding.
  • magic-spring - Manipulate strings like a wizard.
  • shimport - Use JavaScript modules in all browsers, including dynamic imports.
  • butternut - The fast, future-friendly minifier.
  • pancake - Experimental charting library for Svelte.
  • svelte-cubed - Svelte ❤️ Three.
  • dvalue - Gets the job done when JSON.stringify can't.
  • agadoo - Check whether a package is tree-shakeable.
  • code-red - Experimental toolkit for writing x-to-JavaScript compilers.
  • react-svelte - Use Svelte components inside a React app.

The repo list continues here.

Svelte Resources and Community

Additional links for the Svelte Community

Conference, Newsletter, and other Resources

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SvelteKit is a superb, new, framework for building web applications of all sizes. It provides a beautiful development experience and offers flexible filesystem-based routing.

We can compliment Sveltekit's strengths from our own experience, and also the mass of developer support we hear in the community.

This mobile app/website you are viewing is created using SvelteKit.


Learn Svelte!

Rich teaches Svelte in this almost 5 hour course through Frontend Masters.

Svelte Community Chat


Learn more about Rollup, the next-generation JavaScript ES6 module bundler below.


  • To read an interview Rich had with SurviveJS, please click here.
  • For an introductory video tutorial on using Rollup, please click here. The video is by the Daily Tuition YouTube channel.